Between lives

Here I am again. My world was turned upside down last week.

I’m being divorced….

So I have made so many painful decisions and confusing ones at that…
I am moving to Port Elizabeth ad a friend had offered me a haven there.
I was unsure of how to get there, there were many options… too many… but friends of mine said they would pay for a plane ticket from jhb to PE. So decision made for me. I just need to book a shuttle from Nelspruit to jhb airport no problem there and they will take me to the shuttle.

Ok so I know how I am getting there. Half the problem sorted.

Then I thought I should send my motorbike down ahead of me but the quotes were all more than I could afford… I eventually gave in and decided to take this as the only option, as the train station Is uncontactable. Then my friend in PE said today that she knows someone who can get me another bike within a week of my arrival. So I decided to sell… easier said than done… I have 17 days to sell it…. otherwise I have to leave it behind and cut my losses and that means I can’t get another on the other side… I’m in painful conflict here… well I suppose if it’s meant to be it will sell. If not I will probably send it down and pay the fee..

I have sold all my Pc games and my guitar so far. Still need to sell my Pc. I have two possibilities there.
My fridge and microwave have a buyer just waiting for him to get the cash together.

My motorbike is the hardest thing to let go of… I worked so hard for it and it is the only thing other than debt that I have in my name.

Anyway I have moved out and am now staying in my friends lounge (same ones paying for plane ticket).

Stuck between my old life and my new one. Limbo.
I hate it. But I have to wait for the money.
I’m losing the fight to the darkness…


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