Yesod by Ivory Cat
The great problem in practical workings is to bring things through to the Sphere of Malkuth and to do this effectively we must bridge between Malkuth and Yesod. Yesod is represented by the nines in the tarot, great strength, material happiness, despair and cruelty and material gain. Yesod is called the Pure Intelligence because it purifies the emanations before they enter into Malkuth. It’s virtue is Independence and it’s vice is idleness.
Yesod is described as the ether, the astral plane, the akasha, the sephiroth where you find “formless substance”, and it’s this formless substance that can be molded by the mind to become manifest in the physical world, Malkuth. Yesod is represented by the Moon as Malkuth is the Earth. The corresponding relationship can be seen on the Tree of Life where Yesod is directly above Malkuth on the middle pillar of equilibrium.
I would like to add here that it’s beneficial to review our high school or college physics lessons to understand not only the workings of Malkuth, but the workings of Yesod, by knowing how nature works, by understanding the laws of physics. The universal law of correspondence, “as above, so below” certainly describes the similarities in the relationship between these two. As anyone who has experimented with astral travel, our astral bodies are a reflection of our physical bodies and behave very much like our physical bodies, and our habits and reactions in our wakened state are what prompts our astral bodies into action on the astral planes.
A very important aspect of performing magick is learning to use the energy forces of the Moon and it’s cycles, and here the physical force of gravity is paramount. For example the gravitational force of a full Moon is much stonger when the Earth is positioned between the Sun and the Moon. All etheric activities are at their most active. Then, when the Moon is at the new or dark position, being on the same side as the sun in relation to the earth, and the etheric activities are at their lowest. Fortune says “practical occult work is best let alone during the dark moon by all but experienced workers because the life giving forces are relatively weak and the unbalanced forces relatively strong; the result, in inexperienced hands may result in chaos”.
Here is another food for thought theory. The two most abundant elements in the Earth’s crust are silicon and oxygen. The covalent bond between these two creates clear quartz. The two most abundant elements in the Moon’s crust are the same, silicon and oxygen. Now silicon is the best conductor of energy in the mineral kingdom, so here is an immediate energy connection between the Earth and Moon, and if we set our quartz crystals in the light of the Moon they become energized by this light. Light is the result of electron and protons of an atom emitting photons. Light is the vibrations of photon particles traveling through space. Electrons and protons also absorb photons. Now energy can’t be created or distroyed, only transformed into other forms of energy, and by the emission and absorption of photons, energy can be transferred and transformed. An reason for placing quartz crystals in Moon light may be that an exchange of photons takes place with in the atoms of the quartz stone. Another physical law of matter is that the more dense a substance is, the higher it’s vibrations are, because subatomic particles orbit much faster in dense matter in order to keep their bonds stronger. So with quartz being a very dense substance with a high vibratory rate already, and by it’s elemental composition so related to lunar composition, becomes very susceptible to and amplified by Lunar vibrations. Once the crystal is “charged” we can then direct that energy towards other areas such as healing or other metaphysical goals, and hence is offered as an example of bringing the energies of Yesod into physical manifestations of Malkuth.
The cycles or the rhythms of the Moon correspond to the rhythms of life, and when we deal with the lunar rhythms, we are dealing with the etheric and not the physical conditions, and the magnetism of physical living creatures waxes and wanes with this etheric motion. Fortune writes ” It will be seen from the above that Yesod-Luna is ever in a state of flux and reflux, because the amount of sunlight received and reflected waxes and wanes in a twenty eight day cycle. Malkuth-Earth is in a state of flux and reflux in a twenty four hour cycle. Likewise Malkuth-Earth has a three hundred and sixty five day cycle, of which the phases are marked by the Equinoxes and the Solstices. It is the interacting set of these tides which is all-important to the practical occultist, because so much of her/his work depends upon them.”
It is cautioned, however, not to get stuck working magick in the sphere of Yesod, since it is considered the Sphere of Illusion. That the keys that unlock the doors of Yesod and enable us to command are to be found in Hod, the Sphere of Magic, and that will be covered in the next essay on understanding and working with the Qaballah.

Article by Ivory Cat


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